Welcome in Roma Startup, the association of local ecosystem of startup enablers and accelerators.


Roma Startup is a non-profit organization with scope of do networking, promotion and lobbying to catalyze in the area of Rome the Italian and Mediterranean Hub for growing innovative startup companies. The membership is open to any enabler, accelerator, provider – with a proven track record – who has established activities in Rome, or who’s willing to.

•  Roma Startup is a non-profit association founded in September 2012
•  Its main objective is to favour the development of Rome startup ecosystem and act as coordinator of all the main public and private relevant entities that are active in the territory
• Roma Startup counts about 50 associate members, among serial entrepreneurs, professionals, large corporates, associations, universities, venture capital funds, and other subjects active in the startup ecosystem



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The association is governed by a board composed by:

Gianmarco Carnovale - President

Alessandro Nasini - Vice president

Aleardo Furlani

Luca Ruggeri

Francesco Ferrante

Stefano Pighini

Peter W. Kruger

Paolo Merialdo

Paolo Napolitano


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